A Beautifully Rustic Barn Venue

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If you’re a down-to-earth nature couple or love rustic designs, a barn could be the perfect place for you to say “I do.” There are many barns used as wedding venues across the country and they all look different, from wooden barns to newly renovated brick barns with beams inside. You’re sure to find the right one for your wedding day.

2014-06-07-14-50-04-1    Photo source: Pimhill Barn

Barns are typically a blank canvas which means you can let your creative side run free. Think twinkling fairy lights, beautiful flower arrangements and you could add your own decorations such as garlands, tulle drapes hanging from the ceiling, sating ribbon backdrops or hanging flower arrangements such as the ones featured below.

Photo source: Pimhill Barn
You may want to choose to add on a marquee if your guest list is slightly larger to give you more space. or you could set up a bar in a marquee and have it as a place for your guests to sit and enjoy a nice quiet drink.mrbw275Photo source: Packington Moor

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