A Fairytale Castle Venue

If you’ve always dream of a fairytale wedding a Castle could be the perfect venue for you. After all, what says fairytale more than a castle.
There are so many beautiful castles around the UK and they all have their own style and special qualities. The exterior and the grounds of any castle are sure to give you a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photographs. Some castles even have their own chapels inside the castle if you didn’t want a civil ceremony. Many are also a hotel so you are able to book out the honeymoon suite for yourself and have guests stay in the hotel as well.

Wedding Photography by Angus Forbes


img_1755Photo Source: Guthrie Castle

Castles will most likely have their own on site catering facilities which could actually save you money in a wedding package deal.
Check with your onsite wedding planner if there are any limitations with decorating the room/s. Some rooms may have tapestries and swords or weapons hanging on the walls which you may not like and want removed for the day but can’t be.




gk535Photo Source: Peckforton Castle

You may love the idea of a castle wedding but not love the idea of being in an old fashioned looking room, there are some castles that have been modernised and/or extended with a modern finish. Then you have the best of both worlds; a beautiful castle setting with stunning grounds for your photographs and a lovely bright and modern room for you to be married in/have your reception in.



extraweddings2_gallery_1200x8404Photo Source:Hensol Castle

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