Save the Dates

So you’ve booked your venue and you now know the date you’ll be married on. Now it’s time to let your family and friends know. It’s time to send Save the Dates.
Of course, you don’t have to send Save the Dates but if you do decide to, here are some things to consider.

1268-07-mw_vintage-travel-save-the-date-card892f050ded6ce20ba0e613f65d1afc06Photo Source: Confetti

1. Know how many people your venue will hold. You don’t want to be sending out Save the Dates to 100 people when the venue only holds 60. Guests will automatically think they’re being invited to the ceremony and it could cause problems if they then find out they’re only invited to the evening reception.
To avoid this, you could just send out Save the Dates to family and close friends who you know you want to be there.

beach-hut-save-the-date     Photo Source: Paperchain Wedding Stationary

2. Send the Save the Dates out as soon as you can. Not to say to rush them (no one likes things that are sloppy) but the earlier you let people know, the more time they have book days off work and arrange accommodation and travel.

3. Your Save the Dates should represent you as a couple. So it’s ok if your Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations don’t match, as long as they both reflect you. Personalised Save the Dates (as below) are a lovely way to reflect you and if you’ve had an engagement photo shoot, you can put the photos to good use.

il_570xn-571140131_htmoPhoto Source: Stillbrook Designs on Etsy

4. What information should you put on your Save the Dates? As this isn’t the full invite, the information can be fairly basic. You should include that it is a Save the Date, your names and the date you are getting married. If you are having a destination wedding, I highly recommend including it on your Save the Date. You can also include “Formal invitation to follow”.

5. I personally love keeping Save the Dates I receive and you can turn them into keepsakes for you guests. Like this magnet (as below) and it’s something a little bit different.

il_570xn-1064596315_4wrzPhoto Source: Bateman Design on Etsy

I hope this has helped you with any concerns you may have had about Save the Dates. Another Top Tip for you; places like Etsy have a lot of printable Save the Dates and invitations which could save you a lot of money. They’re fairly inexpensive once you’ve found a design you like, the designer will personalise it for you with all the correct information and send it to you. Then you can print off as many as you need.


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