A Dreamy Manor House Venue

Manor Houses can offer you the dream wedding you always imagined. There are countless manor houses all over the country so you’re certainly spoilt for choice.



12265969_10153062883476266_337130503037109697_oPhoto Source: Manor by the Lake

Each manor house has it’s own unique look and many offer more than one room for you to choose which will hold your ceremony and reception. You may find that two rooms are completely different even though they’re in the same building; one may have a traditional vintage look to it and another a refurbished, bright and open room that’s far more modern. Or you may have the choice to have your ceremony outside which would be especially nice for a lovely summer wedding. Some rooms may even feature fairy lights in the walls or coming from the ceiling – however be warned as to have these on there may be an extra cost.




img_1480Photo Source: Lemore Manor

Each manor house is likely to have wedding packages available including accommodation for the both of you. There will most likely be additional rooms for your guests to stay in as well. Just remember to book out the rooms for your guests when booking your wedding and let your family/friends know.
Some manor houses offer accommodation in a different form. Some cottages for you to stay in or yurts like Tyn Dwr Hall (as seen below.)



aag-9709-andrew-gale-photography-resisedPhoto Source: Tyn Dwr Hall

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