A Wild Zoo Venue

A zoo wedding can be a really fun and different place for you to say “I do” in front of your guests (and a few hundred animals). Zoos often have really beautiful venues and picturesque gardens surrounding the area.

Photo Source: The Clifton Pavilion at Bristol Zoo

Many zoos also give you and your guests the bonus of access to the zoo (during normal opening hours) so you can wander around and see the amazing and exotic animals. This can be really great for your guests while the two of you go with your photographer to take some photographs.
There are a lot of the same animals at most zoos but they all also have species that are unique to them; like the Giant Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. If you have your wedding there, be sure to go see the UKs only Giant Pandas.



panda-web_ygPhoto Source: Edinburgh Zoo

Zoos offer different packages for your wedding so you’ll have plenty of choice for you and your guests depending on your budget. You may even have the choice of different venues within the zoo. You may even have the option of adding on animal experiences for you and your guests. Animal experiences can range from an animal greeter to an animal encounter. It’s sure to leave you and your guests with a memorable experience and an unforgettable wedding.


wedding-animal-encounter-owl-6Photo Source: London Zoo

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