Bridal Gowns

Whistles Wedding

The average price for a wedding dress in the UK is over £1000. Which when you think about it is an awful amount considering you’ll only wear it once in your life. But now a days high street stores and online retailers have been creating their own wedding gowns at a much more affordable amount.

I was very excited to hear that Whistles were creating there own line of wedding dresses and it was finally released this week.


The collection ranges in price from £499 – £699. Each dress in the collection has it’s own unique style and no dress is similar to another. Most of the gowns heavily feature lace but not all of them so if you’re not a lace fan then no need to worry.
These dresses are most certainly for a modern bride but they still have a sense of tradition to them as well.

The Theodora gown featured below would be perfect if you are having a rustic wedding. It’s a beautiful and simple dress without it being pain. I love the lace work that’s overlaid on the corset and the frill lace on the shoulders.

The Juliet dress may possibly be my favourite (it’s between Juliet and Theodora for me). The cut of the dress is so simple and elegant but a bit different with the asymmetric shoulder. It’s versatile too as the train at the back is detachable; which is great for the evening when you may want to take it off and dance the night away.


Head on over to Whistles to see ore of their wedding collection and let me know which is your favourite.


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