Beautiful UK Beach Wedding

If you dream of a beautiful beach wedding, you need not look far from home to find your perfect venue. The UK has some beautiful beaches that are truly breathtaking. And you may find the perfect beach for you to get married without the hassle of a destination wedding.




paul-underhill-photographyPhoto Source: Beach Weddings Bournemouth

The views of a beach wedding are sure to be stunning with an incredible sunset for you and your guests to enjoy. Some beaches have caves and tunnels close by or as part of the venue. These would make beautiful backdrops for intimate photos for the two of you. As the night rolls in, turn the beach into your dance floor and dance under the moonlight.



i_venue_night_firePhoto Source: Tunnels Beaches

Why not turn your private beach venue into a playground and have some games for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great way to keep guests entertained whilst the two of you are off with your photographer to get some gorgeous photos.


meet_lusty_3_-_alice_bane__daniel_berriman_sunday_01st_may_2016Photo Source: Lusty Glaze Beach

As with a lot of venues, beach venues offer a variety of packages for you to choose from. Instead of having a traditional wedding breakfast, your venue may offer a Beach BBQ which is sure to be something everyone will love. For an additional cost you can even add in extras such as at The Gallivant, you can add in flip flops for your guests or even an oyster bar. At Beach Weddings Bournemouth, included in packages is your very own Ice Cream Bike, perfect for a beautiful summer wedding on the beach.

Photo Source: Beach Weddings Bournemouth

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