Bridal Gowns

Sheath Wedding Dress

This style dress is great if you have killer curves and want to show off that hourglass figure on your wedding day as this gown fits close to the contours of your body. It also elongates the body so any petite ladies out there, this is the dress for you.

If you’re a pear shape though then sadly this isn’t the style for you as it will accentuate your hips instead of balancing you out.

Sheath dresses are lightweight so are ideal for a summer outdoor wedding. If you’re having a beach or destination wedding, this style dress will be perfect for you.

2017_naira_rosa_clara_2Photo Source: Rosa Clara
1Photo Source: Willoby by Watters
12_mj166fPhoto Source: Madison James
7mc352-mainPhoto Source: Maggie Sottero
aw265_elodie_fnt_2Photo Source:Amanda Wakeley
9216h-ad1Photo Source: Allure Bridals

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