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The Mansfield Traquair

There are many venues around the UK that have the wow factor, but few can truly leave you breathless. The Mansfield Traquair does just that. As soon as you step though their big, scarlet doors you will see just how breathtaking the venue is. There’s a reason its known as Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel!


A few years a go I was living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh for just over a year, working as an Events Planner. I organised events in different venues around the city but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the Mansfield Traquair that I found something truly special. I thought the outside of the building was nice but as soon as I walked in and saw the stunning murals along the walls was I totally impressed. And it wasn’t just the venue that I was impressed with; their event manager, Bryony, that I worked with was incredibly helpful and open to the crazy ideas I had for my events and she brought loads of ideas and option to the table. She was brilliant and so easy to work with! And that’s what you need when planning your wedding. An events manager who is helpful, friendly and really knows their stuff.

You can see here those stunning murals and just look that amazing alter!

I’m sure it will come to no surprise to you that upon my first viewing the Mansfield Traquair I booked it there and then for our event. And a month later, whilst still planning one event, I booked another there for two months later. I completely fell in love with the place and in all honesty, I’d book another event there if I could. I still get compliments on the events I planned there and that’s all because of the venue. It sure that your guests will also mention it years to come because it it simply beautiful.



Now of course on your wedding day you’re going to want food that is tasty and leaves you satisfied. At our events we had the “mini bowl food” option and all of them were delicious. I ordered really heart warming food like beef stew and cottage pies as our events were in the winter and they perfect. I can only imagine how good a full three course dinner would be there.

If you’re after a stunning, grand venue that will leave everyone breathless, that is versatile and the food is amazing, you should add the Mansfield Traquair to the top of your options list.


All images from the Mansfield Traquair website.



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