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Wedding Favours Part 1

Wedding favours are a nice little thank you for your guests for joining you on your big day. There are so many different wedding favour that you’re certainly spoilt for choice. But with that being said, you want your favours to fit the theme of your wedding and reflect the both of you. After all, favours are a way to gift a lasting memory of your wedding day.

Teacup_May16_web-80Photo Source: Wedding in a Teacup 

If you both love nature and are having a rustic wedding, plant seeds could be the perfect match for your favours. And they’re something your guests can enjoy after your wedding and watch them grow into beautiful flowers for your home.

fb-gold-ribbon-02-560Photo Source: Favour Fairy

A sweet treat is always appreciated. You can buy sweets or chocolates in bulk from many different (even Amazon sells them) and the boxes themselves are typically inexpensive. If you’re on a tight budget this may be the best option for your favours.

Mariage-personnalisez-vos-m&ms-2016-hiver-UKPhoto Source: My M&M’s

To make your favours really personal you can create your own personalised M&M’s with your initials on or even a printed image of the both of you.

normal_wedfest-festival-wedding-wristbandsPhoto Source: Wedfest on Not on the High Street

If you’re having an outdoor festival style wedding then you could go for a really fun and different option like these wristbands. It would certainly be unique to your wedding.

60345-w_truly-scrumptious-mini-crackers-pack999d286730463447172731b11dec65d8Photo Source: Confetti

Who says crackers are just for Christmas? Some of your guests may be sat on tables with people they don’t know or have never met before. These crackers are perfect for your favours if you find yourself in this situation. These crackers have a conversation starter inside them so can get the chatter going around the table.




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