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Wedding Cakes Part 2

We’ve already looked at some wedding cake options but now a days there’s so much choice out there and today we’re going to look at slightly more non traditional cakes. We’ll be looking at modern cakes that are decorated differently to how you’d expect a wedding cake to be decorated.

Warning: this post may make you hungry and crave cake!

87b75b_f8b56f7913704521a2e266979169cad2.jpgPhoto Source: Amerton Cakes

Glitter cakes have been one of the new stylish cake trends in the last year or so. And I’m sure you can see why. The glitter tier on this cake really stands out, it looks amazing. You can have your choice of silver or gold glitter, which both go well with most colour combinations. So if you are having a deep red or royal blue colour throughout your wedding, the gold glitter cake will contrast these perfectly. Or if you’re having a more subtle colour like the pink roses shown on this cake they will also pair together nicely.

endellionPhoto Source: Jen’s Cakery

This cake meshes two very popular and modern cake styles – bark icing and blackboard icing. Blackboard icing is great for you to customise your cake and include a sweet message or your initials. If you have just bark icing on your cake you can also add your initials to it and it will look like you carved it straight into a tree. It’s such a simple and nice way to personalise your cake and it’s a little bit of throwback love to the days of carving your initials into trees.

Wedding-Drip-CakePhoto Source: Rosie Shaw Cake Company 

Drip cakes were really popular last year and you haven’t seen the last of them yet! You can go for a really bright and vibrant icing colour for the drip or a more subtle look like this semi naked drip cake. I love how simple and elegant this cake looks, it would work well for any rustic wedding.

hummingbird-bakery-UK-D15139Photo Source: Hummingbird Bakery

This cake looks traditional on the outside, but when it’s cut it reveals a vibrant rainbow cake. It’s sure to wow your guests and I bet kids will love the look of it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto Source: Rosalind Miller Cakes

If you’re having an ultra glamorous Gatsby inspired wedding then this is the cake for you. It’s sure to standout no matter where you place it in the room. The gold detailing is perfect and the black fondant looks silky smooth. The pearls and feathers are a nice little touch and are something quite different than the usual flowers that are added to wedding cakes. If you’re wearing a Gatsby style headdress as part of your bridal look, take pictures along with you when you meet your baker. They can match headdress on your cake.

11bb84_6dff96e56015403bbd9080cde82d2616~mv2_d_3119_4679_s_4_2Photo Source: Lovely Cakes by Shalini
CakesbyR200-Copy-Copy-800x533Photo Source: Cakes by Robin

If you’re having an Indian wedding or traditional/Indian wedding, these cakes would look amazing! I love the detail on both cakes (and I particularly love the little elephant on the bottom photo). The vibrant colours on the cake will stun your guests, as will the delicate detailing. The Saree cake (top image) would be perfect for a fusion wedding and the Saree icing can be in your chose of colour.

CakesbyR212-533x800Photo Source: Cakes by Robin

For a tropical themed wedding, have a cake that reflects paradise island life with beautiful tropical flowers and beautiful bright colours. I like the addition of these two birds as the toppers instead of a bride and groom. You can even choose a tropical flavour for your cake such as coconut and lime.

There were so many different style cakes when i was researching this post that I couldn’t leave out. So here are some more cakes that I love the look of and I’m sure you will too. Leave a comment as to which is your favourite or if you’ve seen any other non traditional style that I’ve missed out.

watercolourPhoto Source: Rosalind Miller Cakes
11bb84_5ada1848c37341e9aa72ea001a1afe0e~mv2_d_3102_4439_s_4_2Photo Source: Lovely Cakes by Shalini
SylviasKitchen_WeddingCakes_Natasha-6Photo Source: Sylvia’s Kitchen
74d7a5_21d174325bfb49678cf9c3ad1abd7f21~mv2Photo Source: Pret-a-Cake
1467986997034Photo Source: Jen’s Cakery
IMG_9348WPhoto Source: Liggy’s Cake Company
Summer-Loving-Wedding-CakePhoto Source: Rosie Shaw Cake Company 
bc700f_60643352c10f4e2bbb76cba9da1e38da~mv2Photo Source: Malarkey Cakes














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