A useful wedding favour

Finding wedding favours that are affordable and useful can often be a difficult task. But these wine glass charms will surely be useful to your guests after your wedding. No one will lose their drink again with their own wine glass charm on hand.

I recently opened up my own Etsy shop selling these handmade wine glass charms. Each charm is decorated with coloured beads and is handmade by me. There are a few different collections that would suit different weddings as your favours. Like the Silver Sea Life shown below would be a great favour for a beach wedding.



Or if you’d prefer a different colour for the Sea Life collection there’s also a bronze set. (I love the little turtle charms, it’s so cute!)



For the animal lover, there’s the Animal collection.



If you love fairytales and are having a fairytale wedding, these favours would be perfect for you. I’ve kept a rose wine glass charm for myself – Beauty and the Beast was my favourite film growing up.




You don’t just have to use these as favours. There’s also a Bridal Party Collection so you and your bridal party can toast the big day in the morning before you walk down the aisle.



And at your hen party, if you want to give your hens a little thank you gift, there’s the Hen Party Collection (these would also be very useful for the Hen Party itself.)



Click this link to go to my Etsy shop – And keep an eye out on my shop, more exciting things will be coming very soon!






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