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Photography Styles – Fine Art

Fine Art Wedding Photography may be the most popular form of wedding photography among today’s brides and grooms. And I’m sure you can see why. The end result are romantic, dreamy photos. Each photograph almost looks like a still from a beautiful romantic film which you are the stars of.

wedding-photography-kent-2139x1400Photo Source: Folega Photography
37872d_38b81f24dc4d47848b39fd00be3684a6~mv2_d_5760_3840_s_4_2Photo Source: Kindred Photography

Fine Art photographs are effortless, timeless and elegant with the final result being a stunning collection of photographs for you to enjoy. Your photographer will catch the little details from your bridal bouquet to the close up lace detailing on your gown.


fine-art-wedding-photographers-cotswolds-ukPhoto Source: White Stag WeddingsBuckinghamshire-Contemporary-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-Stowe-House-Lucy-Scott-007Photo Source: Jay Anderson Wedding

As some of the posed photos of the two of you will be fairly intimate, make sure you feel relaxed and completely comfortable with your photographer. You don’t want to be feeling nervous and on edge as your posing for a photograph as it will be likely show in the shot.

award-winning-wedding-photographer-018-785x1000Photo Source: John Barwood Photography
wedding-photography-northern-ireland_5912Photo Source: Honey and the Moon Photography


pavan_janinder_wed_teaser_photo_1080Photo Source: La Boda Photography

Have faith in your photographer as well; some of their ideas may seem odd and abstract but the end result will be incredible. Each shot truly is a work of art and would look wonderful hanging on your wall.

welsh-wedding-photographer-nick-murray-6-900x600Photo Source: Nick Murray Photographyvkonta146.jpgPhoto Source: MONRO Photographynicolajenkins-photo-nicolajfineart-grays-court-york-wedding-jay-and-dan-96-of-121-900x600Photo Source: Nicola J Fine Art Photographymansfield-wedding-photography-2097x1400Photo Source: Folega Photographyaward-winning-wedding-photographer-027-1400x1000Photo Source: John Barwood Photography

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