Wedding Invitations

So you’ve sorted out your guest list for the day and the evening, now it’s time to send out invitations. This should be the easy part right? Well actually, invitations can be a little more tricky than first thought. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of things you should include in our wedding invitations.

This honeycomb geometric stationary set is so modern and I love the contrasting colours.
Photo Source: Sincerely May on Not on the High Street


This may seem a bit obvious but it’s so easy to miss out important details, especially with all the planning you’ve been doing. The recipients name should be on the invitation along with your names, the date of your wedding, the location and the time. If you’re having a reception in a different location than the ceremony you’ll need to include it along with the time the reception starts.

How nice is this watercolour invitation! This would pair well with a laid-back countryside wedding
Photo Source: Hand-Painted Weddings


On the RSVP you need to include the address to send the card to – whether it be your house or one of your parents houses. You’ll need a space for the recipient to write their name and a check box as to whether or not they will be attending the wedding. If you are having a menu for your guests to choose from they’ll need a space on the RSVP to write their choice. Whether you decide to give a menu choice or not, alway include a dietary requirement – as someone who is intolerant to dairy, it can get rather annoying when all the menu includes milk and I know I won’t be able to eat everything (and will likely still be hungry). I went to a wedding last summer where I could actually have a full dairy free dinner, including a dessert and it was amazing for me to not be worried about being hungry or getting ill.

A fun little addition to add and a way to get your guests involved in the planning of your wedding is to include a song request. This can get people talking and they’ll be waiting for their song to come on in the evening.

To save on paper and to digitise your guest list, instead of the RSVPs being posted back to you, set up an email account where guests can RSVP via email. It will also save people money on stamps and there’s no panic as to when to send it by.

This watercolour blush and foil print invitation is very on trend right now.
Photo Source: Project Pretty

Local Hotels

The chances are that even if people live not too far from your venue they may want to stay over somewhere close by. And for out of town guests, they’re going to need a hotel to stay in. Include a list of nearby hotels that your guests can book well in advance of the wedding.

I love this hand drawn invite, it’s got a slightly quirky and rustic vibe to it.
Photo Source: Paper Willow


Include directions or a map so people don’t get lost. Even if people live nearby to the venue, they may not know how to get there. You can also include parking information and include the hotels on the map.


If you are giving your guest options to choose from a menu you’ll need to include the menu in your invite. If you are sticking with just one dish for all (meat and veggie) or a buffet, you won’t need to include this but do add a dietary requirement.

A great way to personalise your invitations (and make it clear who’s wedding its for) is to have photographs of the two of you featured on them. If you’ve had an engagement/pre wedding photoshoot, nows the time to use those photographs.
Photo Source: tranquillina on Etsy

Plus one

There can often be confusion and disagreements when it comes to plus ones. State clearly on your invitations who is being invited. Write on the invite “John Smith plus one” or just “John Smith.”

Gift List

Many couples these days choose not to have a gift list – after all, if you’ve already bought a house together you’ll have everything you need. Instead, couples are now politely asking for honeymoon money. Include a nice little poem to politely ask for money; it will bring a smile to your guests face.

If you do have a gift list, include the links to the websites your guests need to go on.

This invitation set is just lovely and so well organised.
Photo Source: GorgeousInvites on Etsy

Do you have any other tips for what to include in wedding invitations? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your ideas.


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