March Favourites

March has been a very busy month for me and I’m so proud of every post I’ve put out. Doing research for my blog is often tricky, merely because I get so caught up looking on a site that I sometimes forget that I need to move on and look at other company’s. That’s the thing with weddings – everything’s just so beautiful. So because there were so many sites company’s I wanted to concentrate on I decided that each month I’ll do a Monthly Favourites so I can showcase to you just how amazing some of these places are. My monthly favourites will also include my favourite dress/dresses of the month or a single item that I really fell in love with that I posted. I’ll stop twittering away now and get on with my March Favourites.


Writing about the Mansfield Traquair was an absolute joy and still to this day it’s my favourite venue I’ve been to. Relieving my memories of this beautiful restored church was a highlight for me and I was so inspired when wiring this piece. Their partnership with Heritage Portfolio will ensure that your wedding is a dream come true (and the food by Heritage Portfolio is amazing!). Head to the Mansfield Traquair website for more information and photographs of “Edinburghs Sistine Chapel.”

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Wedding Cakes

There were two different cake companies that I stumbled across during my research for my cake posts. From my Wedding Cakes Part 1 post there was Liggy’s Cake Company. I had such a hard time choosing just one cake to feature that I ended up including two in the post and another one in my Wedding Cakes Part 2 post. I am in love with the metallic detailing included on the pale green cake and the marble cake. The icing work is flawless (I’m really picky when it comes to icing, it has to be perfectly smooth!) They do so many different flavours as well, from Traditional fruit cake with brandy (or with whisky if you prefer) to Toffee or sweet banana. You can include a liqueur syrup like Kirsch (would taste good with the rich chocolate cake) and they have a selection of buttercream and jams/preserves for you to choose from. Check out the Liggy’s Cake Company website for more beautiful cakes and their favourite flavour combinations.

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The second company I came across was for Jen’s Cakery which was featured in Wedding Cakes Part 2.  Just like with Liggy’s Cake Company, I had a tough time choosing just one cake from here so I included two cakes. All the cakes on Jen’s Cakery look delicious but also flawless. I really like the marble and bronze cake with a nice little addition of a succulent – very trendy right now. Their flavours sound amazing as well. They have a spiced apple (would be so good for an autumn/winter wedding), battenberg (my sister in particular would love this) or if you want a boozy cake they do strawberry & champagne and cherry & amaretto. And if you don’t see your favourite flavour, you can ask them if they can make it for you.

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I am so pleased to have opened up my Etsy shop with my new wine glass charms. I’ve been working really hard on different collections and I think they work really nicely as a little favour or as a gift to Bridal Parties. My personal favourite is the Silver Sea Life Collection – I think the little coloured crabs are really sweet. I’m working on more big things for my Etsy shop but I’m looking forward to adding more collections to my wine glass charms first.

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I also really like these favours I found while researching my Beauty and the Beast wedding post. As soon as I saw the Looking Glass Trinket Holder from Confetti it just screamed the Beast’s enchanted mirror. And I for one would be pretty pleased to have my own little “Chip” with these tea light in a teacup from a Wedding Less Ordinary.

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Beauty and the Beast

My absolute highlight of this month was going to see Beauty and the Beast. It was one of my favourite films growing up (alongside Pocahontas) so I was incredibly excited by the live action release. I loved the new film so much I ended up seeing it twice in one week (I’m a big Disney Nerd as well and proud of it). So with the release of the film I had to do a themed wedding. I really enjoyed looking into the theming and creating a post that was completely different to anything that I’ve done.

My favourite item from this post was the Be Our Guest book, I literally had the song stuck in my head all day once I added the photo. I like that it’s not so over the top Beauty and the Beast, just a little subtle theming. The same with the Tale as Old as Time cake topper, its just a subtle theme but it looks really elegant. I think the idea of having a your centre piece flowers in teapots and teacups is really lovely and they look great on display as well. And you don’t have to hire the tea sets, you can hire them from a company and then you’re not left more tea pots and tea cups than you know what to do with.

Alex Monroe may be my favourite jewellery designer and the new Beauty and the Beast collection is lovely. I had a hard time choosing which piece to include in my themed post but I really wanted to show off two of the rings in the collection as well as the bracelet. The gold rose ring would make a beautiful non traditional wedding ring.

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Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are so much fun (especially the more drunk people get, the pictures get more and more ridiculous) and Ginger Ray have so many different sets of props for you to choose from. Head to the Ginger Ray website to see all of their photo booth prop kits. I’m sure you’ll find one you’ll love

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Wedding Dresses

Writing wedding dress posts is always lovely seeing as I always have a lot of inspiration from finding the dresses to feature in the post. But there’s always ones that stand out from the rest and become favourites of mine. This month there’s three dresses that are my favourite. The first, from my Bridal Separates post, is the Charlotte Balbier dress and lace top. I like the simplicity and versatility of this look. For day you have something soft and feminine with the lace top layered over the dress and at night you can take the top off and be free to dance the night away in your simple but beautiful slip dress.

From the Sheath Dress post, the Liberty dress from Willowby by Watters stood out to me. I love the detailing on this dress and the exposed boning on the bodice gives it a nice modern touch. The dress looks so light, airy and elegant. The lining of the dress comes in a variety of colours from oyster to ivory to blush.

I don’t know whether it’s because I always seem to wear black or because its Vera Wang but I love the black Josephine gown from my Coloured Wedding Gowns post. If black’s not for you but you love the style of this dress it does also come in solid ivory.

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Folega Photography

My fine art photography post was lovely and relaxing to research. I mean who doesn’t like sitting and looking through gorgeous photographs (hello Instagram). When I came across Folega Photography I  spent ages just scrolling through the pictures and then looking at my favourites in more detail. There are some stunning artistic shots that would look beautiful hanging on a wall. But I also love the candid shots that are so natural and effortless but still has an artistic flair to them.

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And last but not least I had to include this beautiful photograph from La Boda Photography. This truly is a piece of art.


What were some of your favourites from March? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to read them.


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