The Ghillie Dhu

For today’s post i thought I’d do another venue spotlight, this time on the Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh. The Ghillie Dhu is another venue that I have personally used in the past for one of my events and it was an amazing place to work with. It also has a lovely restaurant in the downstairs area which I’d highly recommend if anyone is taking a trip to Edinburgh.

Ghillie Dhu at Night

This Grade A listed building still retains some of its original features as a former church giving it a beautiful, historic romantic feel. You’ll be amazed as you step into the auditorium by the high vaulted arched ceilings and the chandeliers hanging down. You won’t find another place like this.

Rabbie Burns at Ghillie Dhu

The auditorium holds unto 120 people for a ceremony and wedding breakfast and up to 200 people for an evening reception. The room itself is spacious without being too big and has it’s own bar so you won’t have to be making trips downstairs to the restaurant bar.

There is a raised stage area which would be perfect for your band or DJ to set up for the evening reception. You’ll have plenty of space to dance away but for guests who want to take some time out and rest their dancing feet, there is a sofa area off to the side (on the right of the above photo).

Wedding Ceremony at Ghillie Dhu

The food at the Ghillie Dhu is amazing! At my event we had really hearty food which is just what is needed for such a busy day like a wedding. Everything tasted so good (if you can, see if you can get cranachan as a dessert.) You may have a hard decision when choosing your wedding menu as there’s many delicious options open to you.

Christmas Dinner at Ghillie Dhu

Ghillie Dhu Cheesecake

The Ghillie Dhu is located in the heart of Edinburgh you and your guests have plenty of hotels to choose from to stay in the city. If your wedding is on the same time as the Royal Military Tattoo in the summer (this year it’s on 4th-26th August) there are fireworks at the castle every night. And the Ghillie Dhu is perfectly situated in New Town across from the castle. So you and your guests can step outside and watch the dazzling fireworks.

If you’re wedding is in the winter around Christmas time, be sure to book a few days there (maybe a mini-moon for you newlyweds) and enjoy the Christmas markets, they are truly spectacular. And if you get the chance, stick around for Hogmany, Scotland’s New Year.

fireworks-at-edinburgh-castPhoto Source: Edinburgh Castle

All photos unless otherwise stated are sourced from the Ghillie Dhu website

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