Chloe Louise Gift Collections

I’ve been busy working away in my “workshop” (also known as my parents conservatory) and I’m pleased to say that more collections of Wine Glass Charms have been added to my Etsy Shop.


My personal favourite from the new collections is the Alice in Wonderland Set. I’ve always loved the original imagery from Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and wanted to have a set on my shop dedicated to it. The set includes the White Rabbit, a playing card, a tea cup, a clock, a toadstool and a tea pot.



If you’re like me and have a travel bucket list and suffer with wanderlust, I’ve created a collection to reflect your love of travel. The Wanderlust Set include Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, a camera, a globe and a suitcase.


I wanted to include a set that is a bit girly and celebrates nature. I think I accomplished that with the Natures Love Set. I love the little flower in the missile on the bottom row as well as the little acorns.



You may remember my other sea life collections that I posted a while a go, I wanted to expand on that collection but with something a little bit different. The By the Sea Shore Set ties in with the sea life sets nicely while still being something a little bit different.

I hope you like the new collections over on Chloe Louise Gifts. I’ve chosen each charm very carefully and handmade each one making sure they are perfect for you.
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