Mismatched Bridesmaids

The Mismatched Bridesmaid trend has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s a great way for your bridesmaids to show their individuality and there’s no worry of a specific style not suiting everyone. This trend does still take some planning from the bride though. You’ll have to think of the look you’re going for with your wedding so your bridesmaids still fit in with the theme. Also, do you want plain dresses or embroidered or sequinned or do you not have a preference?

jim-hjelm-occasions-bridesmaid-chiffon-strapless-a-line-sweetheart-lace-draped-waistband-natural-gathered-5602_lgHayley Paige


Do you have a specific colour that runs through your wedding? If so then your bridesmaids can match the colour but they can each have a different style. One may go for a maxi v-neck look and another a top and skirt combo.

You can also add in different textures and patterns that are still within your colour like the True Bride look shown below.

product|1152&sz1500x1500&ft1482401911&sg435c668907&TrueMatchCollection2True Bride

Or perhaps you envision your bridesmaids in a colour palette instead of a specific colour. For example if you say purple as a general colour that opens up different shade options from plum, mauve, lilac, violet; the list goes on. And again your bridesmaids don’t all have to wear the same style dress, they may all be in different shades and styles but still look coherent.


18604-18612-18608F-21Kelsey Rose

If you don’t have a specific colour or palette in mind then perhaps a colour family is a good option for you. For a Spring/Summer wedding you could have pastel colours, or for Autumn/Winter you could have jewel tones or autumnal shades.

Kelsey-Rose-PR-15-1728Kelsey RoseCB_AW25059Charlotte BalbierBeautiful_Indian_Photography-079-1Vesic


Floral dresses are always popular in the Spring/Summer and can look lovely as mismatched bridesmaid dresses. You’re bridesmaids can find their own style on the high street or you can get them all together at a bridal shop in different colours.

etsybmThread and Wonder on Etsy7_1544-F3Allure Bridalsoriginal-4523-1442349405-3.pngBuzzfeed

High Street Inspiration

From top left to right – Ted Baker, Coast, River Island and Whistles.

Skirts and Tops

You don’t have to have your bridesmaids in dresses. They could be dressed in a skirt and top combo. you could have the same colour skirt for everyone but a different style top. Or you could have a different shade or colour for everyone’s skirts which can look really nice. Another option is to have different length skirts; not everyone suits long skirts (hello petite ladies) or someday just prefer midi over maxi.


Have a look online and on the high street for skirt and top combos and for different style dresses. Places like Needle & Thread, Coast, Asos and New Look are good for finding inspiration and they have some lovely outfits at each. Have a shopping day with your bride tribe and see what you can all find together.



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