Bridal Gowns

3D Floral Wedding Dresses

As far as wedding dresses go, florals never get old. Whether it’s intricate floral lace detailing, delicate bead work or 3D floral embellishments. Today we’ll be looking at the latter. This three dimensional embellishments takes a plain white dress, adds some texture to it and makes it a stand out piece that will be unforgettable for your big day.

SPOSA2017_01Blumarine373CeliaGraceLine_MichelleGirardPhotographyCelia Grace

For a subtle approach to this trend, the floral work can feature on just the bodice or part of the bodice before trailing down and blending in with beautiful lace work on the skirt of the gown.

Look3_Front.width-1920Viktor & Rolf2017.NY._3457Net-A-Porter X Halfpenny London

Alternatively, the embellishment can be on the skirt leaving a lovely trail of flowers flowing behind you as you walk down the aisle.

the_glass_house_1Lela Rose


All over 3D detailing gives a wedding gown a lot of texture and makes it look all the more interesting and unique.


Perhaps you’d like to carry just a little bit of this trend into you bridal look. If that’s the case then an embellished veil would be perfect.

Featured image Flowers of Borough Green

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