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Wedding Hair Accessories

It’s not everyday you get to wear stunning accessories as part of your hair style. For your bridal look wearing hair accessories can not only enhance your hairstyle but they can finish off your bridal look. From hair combs to tiaras to pins, you’ll have an array of choices in your hunt for hair accessories.


Remember, you want all off your accessories to compliment your wedding dress so make sure you choose a piece that won’t clash with your look. If you have a simple gown with no embellishments you’ll have more freedom with the accessories you choose. However, make sure it also fits in with your wedding theme. You wouldn’t choose a boho floral crown if you’re having an ultra glamorous Gatsby style wedding.

accessories+shoot+(paige)0860Anna CampbellDeco-Wedding-Headband--Luna_2048x2048Britten Weddings2017.01.20+Sash+&+Luna+2017_RetroWhiteGreen_3681Sophie and Luna

Tiaras and headbands are a classic bridal look and make a statement. They work well with any hairstyle so you and you hairdresser can have free range with creating a style.

pearl-tiara-selina-vintage-style-freshater-pearl-tiara-2_1024x1024Olivier Laudustamsin-model-2Liberty in Love

If you’re hair accessory that sits on the side of your head place it on the opposite side of a particular feature on your dress. For example, if you have a one shoulder gown, place your hair accessory on the opposite side of your shoulder that’s covered to balance out the overall look. Likewise if you have detailing on one side of your waist.

Tamara-Headband-HB7Sweetheart VintageAva_feather_headeband_by_Debbie_CarlisleDebbie Carlisle2670ccb2777e68cc576a18e74d9cf4dbPinterest

Pins and combs work best if you’re hair is up or partially up. Combs come in a variety of sizes whereas pins are more dainty and often come in sets. Pins can be displayed in the hair in the same area or spaced out.

Flower-wedding-hair-pins-mother-of-pearl-silver--Blossom--Britten-weddings-crop_2048x2048BrittenWeddingsAnnabelle_Gold_hair_comb_1024x1024Olivier Laudus

Hair accessories can also be a part of veils such as this birdcage veil shown below.

Angelica-birdcage-veil-1_900_840_s_c1Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe

Hair vines are the perfect accessory for the boho bride. They can be bent into shape to fit your hairstyle making them versatile. You can wear them as a crown, plaited in with your braids or follow to shape of your hair style.

JASMINE_Fifth_and_Spring_grandeFifth & SpringSTARLET-model-shot-Fifth-and-Spring_grandeFifth & Spring camelot-pearly-blossom-vine-headpiece-by-halo-and-co-at-liberty-in-love_---_115__Liberty in Lovegreengoddess1_massiveDonna Crain

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