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Plain & Simple Wedding Dress

Not everyone loves embellishments and lace detailing. Maybe you like something that’s a little more simple but no less stunning. “Plain” wedding dresses can look just as breathtaking as any embellished dress not to mention stylishly chic.


A simple plain chic wedding dress never goes out of style. They’re easy to accessorise and you can add a touch of dazzle with a belt.

02+-+RK5401aRomona Kevezaliria_bSt Patrick TamoraKelly Faetanini4716__parisKelly Willis Holmes

The way the dress is made and the fabric is used can give detail and interest so it looks like there’s a little more going on on your dress.

a3162ea3aa24cd1e3efe73a0def218d0Blu – Mori Lee11427-L-e1457541718713Ellis BridalsMaggie-Sottero-Wedding-Dress-Bianca-Marie-7MC417MC-MainMaggie Sottero

The fabric of the dress could be patterned such as brocade. This gives a nice bit of interest without being too over the top.

raim_dPronoviasthe_lake_1Lela Roseanteprima_ARIELLE_(2)Peter Langner2018_ONEIDA_ROSA_CLARA_2Rosa Clara

Do you prefer simply chic dress or lace and embellishments? Let me know in the comments.


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