Chloe Louise Gifts Wedding Collection

My online shop, chloelouisegifts.co.uk now has a wedding collection!

We’ve been working hard creating new pieces on the shop and making sure they are perfect for you and for you to give as gifts.

One item from the collection that I’m particularly excited about is the new Hen Party Box. It has everything you need for decorating and have a bit of fun.


The Bride-to-be will have her own Bridal Mini Crown (veil and all) to wear all night, all the hens will have fun taking selfies with the photo booth props and there’s a quiz in there to get a little friendly competition going.


The Bride-to-be and her hens will have their own keepsakes in the form of “Bride Tribe” wristbands that double up as hair ties. And if the hens want to match the Bride-to-be with their own mini crowns, we have colourful Mini Party Crowns and Glitter Mini Party Crowns available.


To see the full Hen Party Box and its contents click here.



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