My Sister's Wedding

Planning My Sister’s Wedding

Over the weekend we received the amazing news that my sister got engaged! And she’s asked if I’ll help her plan her wedding as she has no clue where to start (her words not mine I swear).

My sister has kindly granted me permission to write about our experience as we plan her wedding. I’ll be updating you all with progress we’ve made or what steps we’ve taken  and when and any tips and advice.

So as she didn’t know where to start I asked her to have a rough idea of when she’d like to get married and how many people are likely to be invited. From there we looked at different venues online from barns, castles, manor houses, marquees, everything.

PHOTO-No-277Baya Hire

As we were going through different venues though I soon realised she was leaning more towards manor/country houses so we were able to narrow the down.

IMG_5686645aCrabwall ManorMusic-room-ceemony-flowers-800x600Thornton Manor

We’re still looking at different venues and seeing if their capacity levels match the estimated guest numbers but at least we’ve narrowed the list down. My sister and her fiancé can then book viewings at the venues they like, see what dates are available to them and do price comparisons.


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