Mother Of The Bride

Mother of the Bride Outfits

On your wedding day your mum is going to want to look and feel her best. Mother of the bride/groom outfits have had a serious upgrade recently and know you can find beautiful outfits that will flatter and make mum feel amazing.

SQQ9000_IGOGina Baconni

A Style That Suits You

The most important rule to stick to when choosing a mother of the bride/groom outfit is find a style that suits and flatters you. The right style will depend on your body type (click here to see what style will suit which body type).

70886-ss18Condici – Compton House Of Fashion1913589_1Coast6-cc-2g108Courture Club by Rosa Clara – Dressini2017_06_John_Charles_SS_18_0055_Look_13_26488_Pink-small-1John Charles

Underwear Is Key

If you’ve spent ages looking online and thinking “all these models are too young to be mothers and no one is that slim!” (yes those were thoughts I had during my research). Well the secret is good underwear. You’ll still need to find an outfit that suits you but the right underwear will keep everything in place and can help show of your curves.

Wear a bra that perfectly fits (and is comfortable!), it may be worth going to get properly measured for one. If your outfit is figure hugging you could always wear “pull in” knickers for a bit of insurance and also look for no VPL.

70884-ss18Condici – Compton House Of Fashion2017_06_John_Charles_SS_18_0068_Look_8_26453extendedJohn Charles

Consider The Time Of Year

For a Summer wedding you’ll most likely be ok with wearing just a dress with no cover up. Spring can be hit or miss so maybe look for a matching jacket or wrap that’s still light. For an Autumn/Winter wedding you’ll want a bit of added warmth. There are plenty of designers that create matching dresses and coats that look stunning.

0118-5147-9045L00-1702_02_1008_1080Hobbs Dress0118-4672-9045L00-1702_02_1008_1080Hobbs JacketSQQ9025_BL_SQQ9026_BLGina Bacconi

Think About The Wedding Colours

Your outfit doesn’t need to be the exact same colour as the bridesmaid’s dresses or the flowers. If the main colour theme is blue with a lot of pale blues, maybe contrast with a navy colour instead. Or if the main colour is blush pink, find an outfit that has just a hint of blush pink. Or you could contrast your colours. For example, if pale green is the running colour find a cream outfit that will compliment the colours but still be a contrast.

991267_015Ronald Joyce – Dressini
du239Dressed Up – Dressini
5007549Cabotine – Dressini

You Don’t Have To Wear A Dress

If you’re not comfortable wearing dresses or want to try something different then look for a trouser top combo or a jumpsuit.

991264_014Ronald Joyce – Dressini

A Formal Wedding

For a formal wedding a long length gown may be more appropriate than a short dress.

a8148d7b3c0c86a5d625b3b23687a7edMon CheriSQQ9226_SIGina Bacconi


If you intend on wearing a hat or a fascinator, match the colour of your outfit to your headpiece. You can also choose your accessories based on a colour in the dress if you are wearing a patterned outfit.



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