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How to have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

In honour of Earth Day this Sunday, 22nd April 2018, let’s take a look at how you can have an eco-friendly wedding and help look after our gorgeous green earth.

JoMarkStyledShoot-JessYarwoodPhotography-75GreenAcres Weddings


For sending out your invites you have a few different options of staying eco-friendly and some of them can also save you money.

1)Use recycled paper/card for your invites. See if the company can also do your order of service, menus, table numbers, place cards and seating charts on recycled card.

Wreath-Square-InvitationPaperchain Wedding StationaryBotanical-Garden-Order-of-the-DayPaperchain Wedding Stationary

2) Cut down on your use of paper by setting up a wedding email for guests to RSVP. It’s an easy way to keep track of who’s coming and it also saves on stamps! A wedding email can also become useful for all of your wedding suppliers (such as your venue, photographer, florist etc.)

Or alternatively, you can go completely paper freely either using digital invites that you send to everyone’s email or set up a Wedding Website where all of the information will be.

understated-romance-invitations-blue-o18524~1040autumn-dahlias-invitations-orange-o14147~1040GreenvelopeScreen Shot 2018-04-19 at 20.07.25Paperless Wedding 


In this country it’s not always possible to get married outside (thank you British weather!) but if you do have the option of having the wedding outside it’s another way to stay eco-friendly. you won’t need to worry about lighting until the night time and even then you can source solar powered lights.

If an outdoor wedding isn’t for you, there are also eco-friendly wedding venues that you can look at. This can be from something as simple as being able to plant a tree that also marks your marriage to finding somewhere that uses organic and local produce for their food and uses renewable energy. Huntstile Organic Farm uses 100% renewable energy for its electricity, uses organic and locally sourced produce wherever possible, collects rainwater for flushing toilets, the list goes on. To see their full details of how they stay environmentally friendly click here.

15217338609031523448819340Huntstile Organic Farm

Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress can also be eco-friendly. Look for designers that use organic materials, are Fair Trade, give back to communities or helps research important conservation.

Sanyukta Shrestha’s Enchanted Blooms collection is inspired by rare and endangered flowers. “By wearing one of these designs one does not only look stunning and feel comfortable, but also draws attention to the cause and supports sustainable and ethical fashion.”

Tulip-Kadupul-Wedding-Dress-1Sanyukta Shrestha

Celia Grace uses as many natural fabrics and dyes as possible and they “ensure safe and empowering work conditions and a fair wage so that our dressmakers can take their kids to the doctor and send their girls to school.” When you click on each dress you can see who has handmade each dress from Cambodia.

View More: GraceView More: Grace


A lot of places now either don’t allow confetti or only allow natural dried petals. Petals, whether fresh or dried, are a great all natural and biodegradable confetti that everyone can enjoy.

Confetti_HandfulsShropshire Petals


Ask florists if they only use seasonal blooms and if they’re locally sourced. Some companies also provide organic flowers.

25-Flowers-15-of-1504-IMG_4341-as-Smart-Object-1Organic Blooms841473_orig370713_origThe Flower Hive


Similar to the catering side or the wedding, find a baker that uses locally sourced ingredients and/or organic ingredients. You may also want to check if any palm oil is used if it’s sustainable. To read more on why sustainable palm oil is so important click here.

92d1a1_0a460af332a746fc891524ad2c93dadb~mv2The Organic Wedding Cake Companynicoladixonphotogrpahy_-9Queen Bee Cakeswedding-cake-berkshire-3Tiny Sarah’s Cakeswedding-cake-berkshire-38Tiny Sarah’s CakesCl3B4BaXIAAT8aCWild Flour Cake Company


Skip the plastic wrapped sweets and instead go for a packet of seeds for each guest. They’ll be able to grow their own plant that will always be a reminder of your special day.

Teacup_May16_web-87Wedding In A Teacup

If you have any more suggestions of how to make weddings more eco-friendly, leave a comment on this post.

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