Have Yourself A Mini Moon

After months of wedding planning you deserve a little time to yourselves as newlyweds. You may not be able to go on your honeymoon right after your wedding for various reasons but you can always treat yourselves to a mini moon. Take a weekend break away together somewhere in this country so you can relax and unwind and enjoy being newlyweds. 

Planning, Venues, Wedding Flowers

DIY Your Own Decorative Hoop

I'd seen many decorative floral hoops popping up on Pinterest and loved the idea of them. So when I was asked to plan and decorate a bridal shower I knew I had to include them. Here's how I created my decorative floral hoop for under £5.


Beautiful UK Beach Wedding

If you dream of a beautiful beach wedding, you need not look far from home to find your perfect venue. The UK has some beautiful beaches that are truly breathtaking. And you may find the perfect beach for you to get married without the hassle of a destination wedding.


Wedding Timeline Planner

First I’d like to say, Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to start planning you Wedding day. I wish I could tell you that planning a wedding is fun all the time and you’ll never be stressed. However the reality is, it can be stressful.