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Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

With Game of Thrones starting back up again on Monday I had to do a post on a themed wedding. I love Game of Thrones and cannot wait for Season 7. And I know I’m not the only one who loves it. So if you’ve dreamed of having a wedding inspired by Game of Thrones then here are some ideas for you. (don’t worry, there’ll be no Red Wedding đŸ˜¢Â or Purple Wedding here!)

Wedding Dresses

Everdina1Photo Source: Ian Stuart 

Luckily the outfits in Game of Thrones offer up great inspiration for wedding gowns. If you’re focussing on characters like Cersei, Margaery and Sansa then think heavy embroidery, lots of detail and brocade fabric. Ivory coloured dresses made me think of Kings Landing and the grand design of all the outfits the Lannisters in particular wear. However, you don’t want to go OTT if you’re going for a modern day approach so look for inspired by and nothing too heavy with too much going on, it will make your bridal look look busy.

lazaro-bridal-fall-2017-style-3750_5Photo Source: Lazaro7SG431-MainPhoto Source: Sottero & Midgley

Photo Source: Rosa Clara This reminded me of Sansa’s wedding dress when she married Ramsey Bolton

If you’re having a winter wedding take a page out of Sansa’s book and include a faux fur bolero to your bridal look. It will keep you nice and warm and they can look very chic.

timthumb.phpPhoto Source: Wonderful Wraps

If you’re Game of thrones inso is the Mother of Dragons then this lovely gown from Ellis Bridals would be ideal. I looked at her wedding dress from her marriage to Khal Drogo for inspiration for this gown. It’s much more lightweight with a flattering halter neck and just a touch of detailing on the front and the back.

EB-17-LkBk-11483-WEB-Only-e1473159418840Photo Source: Ellis Bridals

If you’d like to take things to the next level and dress straight from the show then check out this Daenerys Targaryen Qarth dress.

il_570xN.826213671_s6l5Photo Source: Tavariel on Etsy


For a modern day approach a nice three piece suit would look very smart and sophisticated. Either go in all black for the Night’s Watch or a nice light grey for something a little brighter. To go all out though and match the bride in her Daenerys Stormborn wedding gown then this King Joffrey inspired outfit is right for you.

il_570xN.812669050_c5otPhoto Source: WhataCostume on Etsy


All brides need their bride tribe so for bridesmaid dresses I looked for dresses that reminded me of the most loyal of friends, Missandei. Shades of blue compliment most skin tones and look elegant. Find a dress with a halter neck that Missandei so often wears and with a  cutout detail either in the front or back.

royal+bluePhoto Source: WattersKR-17-WEB-18602-FrontPhoto Source: Kelsey Rose


Find a venue that has grand qualities such as high ceilings and archways or tapestries. Historic buildings like castles are usually best for this. See if your chosen venue has different rooms for you to choose from so don’t have to worry about party size or if you’d like your ceremony to be held in a different room than your reception.

Creative pictures 015

Peckforton Castle 5Photo Source: Peckforton Castle


Abbey-gate-carousel-2Photo Source: Coombe Abbey


Large rooms will also give you more options for decorations. Think plinths and urns filled with flower displays. If you have a smaller room or maybe a low ceiling opt for shorter candelabras and urns.


GUP-35-White-Grecian-Urn-PedestalPhoto Source: Wedding Day Hire

As for the flowers, I found this still of Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding. You can see there’s a lot of greenery with white flowers and a few red flowers thrown in swell. The pop of red brightens the display but still looks sophisticated.Game-of-Thrones-4-Joffrey-and-Margaery-Purple-Wedding1Photo Source: Review to be Named

Name the tables after the House family names in the show or after places in Westeros. Your table plan can be a map of Westeros lime this one below.
eac23a8bcff91cefca568a7bddcd2b3fPhoto Source: The Wedding Parcel

This table plan also has matching table name cards and place cards. however, if you’d like a different style then there’s these on etsy as well. I’ve personally used this seller on etsy before and they’re really good quality cards and delivery was quick.

il_570xN.1006506040_cckdPhoto source: WonderParties


Do you have a certain Game of Thrones house that you love? Feature the house sigil or as many as you’d like on your wedding invitations and let everyone know that a Wedding is Coming.

games-of-thrones-wedding-stationeryPhoto Source: Planet Cards

GOT-INVITES-4-of-4Photo Source: Papermoon


And we can’t forget about the cake. If you don’t want a novelty wedding cake then there are a selection of Game of Thrones cake toppers on Etsy to theme your cake.

il_570xN.980604758_8o2xPhoto Source: RachelEmmaStudio on Etsy

To add a bit more theming to the cake, add a tier that is iced like dragon scale. Like this for example –

il_570xN.1193326093_wwvlPhoto Source: HappyTopperStore

If you’d like to do something different with your cake then take a look at these below.

This dragon cake is amazing!

836cae_e8842b5c74c74ad092eec676389c2606Photo source: Black Cherry Cake Company

246eaa_c16f8d515d38467585b9a830c905eb67Photo Source: Sticky Sponge Cake Artists

I hope you all enjoy the new season of Game of Thrones, can’t believe there’s only two more seasons left! And if you style your wedding to the show then please send me pictures, I’d love to see them.

Featured image: Stuff Point

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